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Via Barrio

Paths to Self-Determination For Activists, Artists & Advocates in San Diego's Historic Barrio

Via Barrio supports activists, advocates, entrepreneurs and artists to achieve social change in San Diego’s  historic Barrio, Logan Heights. Through this program, we lead community organizing initiatives with local Barrio Logan leaders; participate on local boards and with local leadership of Barrio Logan community groups; and support co-operatives to launch new small businesses including Via Cafe and Pan y Paz, the first all-women baker’s collective in San Diego.  As a result, activists, artists, and advocates access resources and structure to advance their work towards social change and economic development and Barrio Logan thrives.

Engage with Via International to get your group involved in Mural Restoration or Beehive Builds. You can also purchase coffee from cooperatives in Mexico and Guatemala. See details below.

Chicano Park

The park, home of the country's largest collection of outdoor murals, various sculptures, earthworks, and an architectural piece.


Pan y Paz

Home-based baker businesses alongside two nonprofits that support health, wellness, small business resources, and community-based education.

Pan y Paz_05_19_22-17.jpg

Build Beehives

Everybody benefits when bees thrive​. Build beehives with us which will be sent to a family in Mexicali to support their honey business.


Mural Restoration

Chicano park is home to the world's largest collection of Chicano mural art. Help restore murals with us.


Via Cafe Coffee

Coffee that supports micro-finance projects at point of origin, and all along our transnational distribution chain.

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