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Build a Beehive

Everybody benefits when bees thrive



Construct beehives from scratch and donate them to an apiary collective started by a group of low-income women in Mexicali. Learn about the importance of pollinators and how this activity has long term positive impacts for the community. This activity is appropriate for all ages and can accommodate groups of 20-200 people.

Everybody Benefits When Bees Thrive

We love this project because it addresses both a human need and an environmental crisis relevant around the globe.  The families who benefit from this project have received micro-loans to start their beehive business and have built upon these small loans to develop a thriving bee collective with hundreds of hives, producing over 900 litres of honey annually.  With the revenue from the honey products, they have been able to provide their families with improved living conditions, better nutrition and overall economic stability. In addition, they are supporting one of nature’s best resources – the honey bee.  Honey bee populations around the world are currently suffering, dying off at alarming rates.  This collective is working to support the honey bee population and in turn aide in the pollination and production of necessary food supplies in their community.

This event builds on the principles of team-work demonstrated by the bees themselves, and is a great way to engage any group whether students, professionals, athletes, friends or families.  A Build-a-Beehive event can take place at your school, church or workplace or we can arrange to hold the event at an agreed upon public location like a park or other appropriate open space.  Via staff will provide education regarding the beehive collective that will receive the donated hives along with information regarding beekeeping and the importance of supporting the honey bee.  Via will provide all of the materials to build the hives, and can guide the group through some team-building exercises to deepen the experience.  If held in San Diego County, women from the collective in Mexicali can attend the event, discuss the program benefits, and demonstrate the many products they are able to produce with the honey they harvest.

Deepen the Experience

After your group has built the hives, you can schedule a future date to travel to Mexicali to deliver your hives in person! This is a 2 day experience that includes a visit to the apiary, where you will climb into a bee suit and see the inner-workings of a beehive colony or be put to work painting and repairing hives. You will talk with the micro-credit participants and work side by side with the members of the local bee collective to learn the ins and outs of honey harvesting and related product manufacturing. This is a great way to take the activity full circle!

Interested in getting involved?

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