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Via Baja

Paths to Self-Reliance in the Colonias of Baja California

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Investing in

Women Entrepreneurs

through Micro-Credit

Sara owns a grocery store, Los Abarrotes, in Tijuana. Thanks to the loans provided by the Via Baja micro-credit program, she has been able to run her business for 8 years.

Family Health and Food Security

improving the health and wellness of family and community through strategies that build self-sufficiency in individuals.

Community Leadership

We have developed a unique model of promotoria (community leadership) that has enabled us to have tremendous success in our work.

Micro-Credit and ESTIMA

Small loans become the foundation for modest investments and improvements in quality of life.

Via International's Via Baja program invests in under-resourced communities, especially women, with holistic and multidisciplinary programming in partnership with grassroots groups. Women - especially migrants and single mothers - access financial independence, self-reliance, family health, food security, and family financial security in the Colonias of Baja California. The process is three fold and includes Family Health and Food Security, Community Leadership and Micro-Credit Lending. 

Invest in Women Entrepreneurs 

Your donation will go directly to supporting women entrepreneurs

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