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A Hub of Culture and Movement

Tijuana Mexico is a hub of culture and movement.  Visiting this cosmopolitan city is an experience of a lifetime.  The art and cuisine are renowned internationally.  Tijuana shares a border with San Diego California, making this bi-national region home to 7 million people.  Truly a city of movement with people constantly arriving to work, with a near 100% employment rate, and to seek opportunity, be it in Tijuana or the United States. 

A visit would not be complete without tasting some of the famous Baja cuisine, that includes Mexican specialties and local seafood.   This dynamic city is the most northwest corner of the country of Mexico, with lovely beaches, live music and bustling activity.

The intent of this immersive program is to experience efforts toward meeting Millennium Development Goals that strengthen food security, financial security and entrepreneurship.   You will visit local communities and have the opportunity to learn from the people about their strategies to improve their lives, educate their children and achieve their potential.  You will have facilitated conversation with recent migrants who are finding their way to new lives as well as experts in the fields of migration, photo journalism and social justice.

The Impact

The experience of an immersion program impacts post-travel


Discover the complexity of border life and globalization in the city of Tijuana.


Analyze the unique interdependence between Mexican and the United States.


Participate in community-defined projects improving local schools and practicing Spanish.


Learn how community leadership is demonstrated through community programs involving food security and education in the low income colonias of Tijuana.


Understand how people migrating from all over Mexico retain their roots while adapting to modern living.

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