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House of Wise Words

Via Partners with a Mixtec School 

House of Wise Words is an elementary indigenous school in the Loma Bonita community of Tijuana, in a mountainous area 2 1/2 miles south of downtown. With a large community of Mixtec families from southern Mexico, and with the assistance of several dozen American citizen children of parents deported from the United States to Tijuana.

The Via International Via Migrante Program provides nutrition courses that include simple, nutritious, and low-cost recipes and elaboration of organic gardens.

We hope to:

  • Continue collaborating with parents and students in nutrition courses.

  • Provide nutrition course participants with microloans to support financial security.

  • Leadership and administration program.

  • In collaboration with EDUPAM, start Community Learning Centers as a safe place where these children can receive literacy and social-emotional development support to maximize their learning.

  • Support for US citizen children to thrive.

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