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Casa de Luz

Via Partners with an LBGTQ+ Community

Casa de Luz is a collective and inclusive space formed by and for the LGBTIQ+ community and diverse families, as well as for the migrant community in Tijuana. It provides a safe place for people who fear persecution due to their sexual orientation or gender identification.

What began as an outpouring of support on food security, turned into an initiative called Migrant Kitchens of Tijuana that began in La Esperanza camp in Chaparral when Via International joined with community leaders from the Casa de Luz shelter. With Vía's support, Casa de Luz leaders continue to provide shelter and support services to hundreds of new migrants monthly, while also serving more than 100 meals each Sunday after services at the Border Church in Friendship Park.

Via International's Via Migrante program provides:​

  • Nutrition Courses that include simple, nutritious, and low-cost recipes

  • Elaboration of Organic Gardens

  • Weekly Pantry for 50 people

  • Weekly provision for the preparation of food for 150 migrants and deportees in the Parque de la Amistad

  • Provide Mental Health 4 times a week

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