Guatemala Volcano Relief
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On June 3rd, 2018, the Fuego Volcano unleashed its fury on the people and communities tucked in the highlands of Guatemala. Many were caught by surprise when the volcano erupted. Hundreds lost their lives. Many are still missing. Many more lost everything as the pyroclastic flow buried villages in its path. Although two months have passed, and we no longer hear about the devastation in our news, Via International relief efforts are ongoing in small villages and cities that surround the volcano.
Guatemalan authorities estimate that 1.7 million people were affected (to various degrees) and large areas remain covered in ash. Via Guatemala has been on the ground, responding to the basic needs in two highland communities affected, Alotenango and Escuintla.
Through the generosity of our donors here in the United States, Via Guatemala has been able to support many families in these devastated towns with basic provisions during the recovery. Via has been working alongside the Guatemalan people for more than 10 years and will continue to support the development of Guatemala through our long-term efforts at sustainable community development. We welcome both monetary donations and volunteers in our long-term commitment to the people of Guatemala.
Guatemala Volcano Relief
Community members affected by the volcano gather to collect supplies donated through Via International
With shelters full, many are finding aide elsewhere, through local churches and nonprofits on the ground. Many have lost everything but their lives, and are quite literally starting from nothing. Immediately following the eruption, Via Guatemala staff and volunteers visited the areas around the volcano to assess relief efforts and determine where our efforts would have the most impact.

Via’s In-country Director, Keila del Valle, assessing community needs in Alotenango.
Based on this assessment, Via began working directly with residents in the towns of Alotenango, about 8 km due east from the eruption and Escuintla which lies to the south of the volcano about 20km, to get basic provisions to those families most in need.
Donations to Via International have allowed us to provide basic necessities such as cooking implements, paper goods, basic hygiene products, food and water to these families. These items have been desperately needed during this time immediately following the eruption. However, long-term efforts to stabilize these communities will be required. Via efforts are now aimed at helping to rebuild homes that were destroyed by the volcano, by purchasing materials needed and by seeking volunteer labor to help with restoring basic infrastructure in these villages. Donate to Guatemalan Relief.


Guatemala Volcano Relief

Via will continue to send contributions to Via Guatemala to continue this effort. Via will also continue to organize volunteer groups to work in the highland communities, restoring schools and supporting local efforts for economic stabilization.
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Via’s In-country Director, Keila del Valle, distributing aide with her family in Alotenango.

Thank you to all of our donors who have contributed to this effort to provide relief to people in the Guatemalan highlands! A special thanks also, to Via Guatemala International Director Keila del Valle, her family, and the many volunteers on the ground who helped make these relief efforts possible. Via International has made a long-term commitment to the people of Guatemala and will continue to support community-driven efforts to regain social and economic stability for these communities. Providing immediate relief is only the first step. Join us in our long-term efforts to build self-reliance by planning a group trip to work in these communities.
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Thank you for your support!