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Dr. Phillip HadleySan Diego, CA 

Phil Hadley has served as a board member of Via for thirty years. He brings more than four decades of experience to Via through his extensive background as a teacher and administrator in independent secondary schools. His academic background includes a PhD in Latin American History from the University of Texas. During his career as an educator Phil served as headmaster of boarding and day schools in several U.S. states and directed study programs in Mexico. Through his participation with planning and implementing student service programs Phil brings practical experience to the board. While Phil’s professional background make him particularly interested in the organization's education programs, he enthusiastically committed to Via’s full range of activities.

Raquel Palma - San Diego, CA

Although Raquel recently joined our Board of Directors, she comes to the position with a long history of having served the organization.  Raquel worked within the organization for 19 years before retiring, then continued her connection with Via in recent years through volunteer service at our headquarters in San Diego.  As a newly elected Via Board Member, her hope is to make a contribution by pushing Via forward with progressive strides to meet common goals in the community. Having grown up in Logan Heights (where Via’s offices are located), she is deeply connected to the community and issues that make Barrio Logan unique and is excited to now serve on the board of a highly respected organization in this community.  Raquel’s personal history with the organization, the community, and her previous work in the private sector all make her a wonderful addition to the Via Board of Directors. When not doting on her kids and grandkids, you can find Raquel reading, drawing, in a yoga class or traveling the world! Read Raquel's Board Highlight Interview.

Andrew Morikawa
- Blacksburg, VA 

As a Via International board member, Andy brings to the role years of experience gained as a career non-profit leader and founding director of the Community Foundation of the New River Valley. Andy has more than four decades of experience working with nonprofit boards as both a trustee and a CEO, as well as a consultant. Andy is currently IPG Senior Fellow at the Virginia Tech Institute for Policy and Governance (IPG), where he serves in the design and development of the Institute’s Community Voices program. Community Voices is a dialogue and research initiative that engages leaders of innovative social change in dialogue with community leaders, faculty, and students. He is also supporting the “Dialogue on Race” and “Conversation New River Valley”, two innovative, community-wide efforts for social change in his home community, Virginia’s New River Valley. Andy has also taught for Virginia Tech’s Urban Affairs and Planning Department and is served on the Board for Community Housing Partners, a leader in affordable housing serving a seven state area in the southeastern US.

Dr. Elizabeth Reed - San Diego, CA

Dr. Elizabeth Reed is Associate Professor of global health at San Diego State University and Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Diego. Trained in social epidemiology, she conducts research related to the intersection of gender inequality, poverty, and health. Specifically, she focuses her research on the social and economic factors influencing gender-based violence and sexual/reproductive health outcomes, including HIV/STI as well as adolescent and unintended pregnancy. She uses the findings of her research to support the development of public health programming to promote economic opportunity, health, and safety. Her research is based in the US, Latin America, South Asia, and Africa.

William A. Bramley, III
- San Diego, CA
Chair Emeritus

Mr. Bramley received his B.S. degree from the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis in 1969. He served in Japan, the Philippines and in and off the coast of Vietnam, eventually becoming fluent in Vietnamese through the Defense Language Institute in Washington, D.C. After retiring from active duty, Mr. Bramley obtained his J.D. degree from the University of San Diego in 1976. His practice has focused primarily on real property finance, commercial and bankruptcy matters in particular. He has represented lenders, borrowers and guarantors over the years in state, federal and bankruptcy courts. From 1985 to 2007, Mr. Bramley served as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Via International.

Walter Ludlow - San Diego, CA


Dr. Nancy McGehee - Blacksburg, VA 

Nancy has been working in the area of tourism development since the 1990's. She received an MS in Tourism Management from North Carolina State University in 1991, worked for the Appalachian Tourism Research and Development Center from 1991-1994, then received both an MS and PhD in Sociology from Virginia Tech in 1999. Her research in volunteer tourism has focused on the complex relationship between the host community, volunteer organizations, and the volunteer tourist. Her other long-term project involves raising her two children, both 12 year olds, named Grace and Spencer, along with her husband Jim.


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