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Our Story

We're a group of passionate, community conscious change makers who are committed to building leadership and self reliance in under-served communities. Read our Mission Statement.

Via International is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with 40 years of experience engaging people to participate in community development initiatives. Our focus is to improve quality of life by providing educational and transformational experiences to connect people to community development work through voluntourism and civic engagement. Via's expertise lies in developing relationships at the grassroots level and listening and responding to the needs of each community. We support projects defined by the community that build leadership skills, promote gender equality, self-empowerment and civic engagement, and provide long-term solutions to improve individual’s lives. We define Community Development as a participatory process through which community members identify community needs and organize themselves to take the actions necessary to improve their quality of life. 

We have been successfully helping to address community needs by supporting community members to become agents of positive change since 1975. Our responsive and inclusive approach has resulted in community defined programs in nutrition and ecology education, food security and community gardens, micro-credit, community leadership education, integrative service learning, youth leadership and civic engagement. 
Via Integrated Travel Programs are designed to offer educational volunteer and service learning opportunities to engage with community development initiatives. Via International works directly with student leaders, faculty, and our global community partners as co-producers of dynamic travel education experiences that result in transformational cultural exchanges. Via works directly within communities and through selected NGO's as a silent partner by providing a safe and stabilizing framework, giving students direct access to unique and resilient communities around the world.