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Volviendo a La Patria

Via Partners with a Shelter for Migrant Adult Men in Vulnerable Situations

Volviendo a la Patria is a shelter for migrant adult men who are in a vulnerable situation, providing shelter, food and connecting them with medical assistance. Via International's Via Migrante program offers nutrition courses that include simple, nutritious and low-cost recipes, development of organic gardens and a weekly pantry for 50 people. Volviendo a La Patria provided food to the people who were living in Campamento Esperanza at the Chaparral Port of Entry during the pandemic

Our hope is that Volviendo a La Patria becomes the 2nd Migrant Kitchens of Tijuana location with a catering company providing food with an anglo touch to its customers. In addition to catering services, our purpose is to create a "call center" within the shelter since most speak English. Lastly, part of the plan is to provide weekly mental health, as well as monthly health and dental services with the alliance of other nonprofits.

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