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Join Us for a FREE Pop Up
Youth Performance and Fandango

March 30th - Somos La Voz FINAL.jpg

Join us for a celebration of Chicano and Mexican youth activism and art! In this inaugural, live, free, pop-up event, we will showcase the energy and art of Somos La Voz, an art education program for Chicano and Mexican youth in Barrio Logan. In partnership with local Chicano and Mexican teaching artists, participating youth will perform Latin fusion and Mexican folk music in the Kiosk at Chicano Park, on Saturday 3/30 from 1-3pm. Following the performance, all in attendance will be invited to participate in a Fandango, an improvisational community jam session. This tradition originates from the coast of Veracruz in Southern Mexico and celebrates community, music, and dance.

When: Saturday March 30, 2024, 1-3pm

Where: Chicano Park

Register for the Event

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

About Somos La Voz

Somos La Voz is a free art education program for Chicano and Mexican-American identifying youth, taking place between February and August 2024. Through a grant from Far South/Border North, Via International is teaming up with Aztlan Libre to offer art and activism classes led by Chicano and Mexican-American teaching artists, and will result in youth collaborating with teaching artists to produce three public pop-up events showcasing the art of participating youth to the general public.

The underlying goal of this program is twofold: to connect the youth generation of Chicanos and Mexican-Americans with their unique cultural legacy, and to bring this legacy to the general public through free celebratory pop-up events. Art mediums on display may include visual art such as painting, graffiti art, and/or pinstriping or music and performance art such as Latin fusion music, Mexican folk music, and/or Aztec dance, among other possible mediums.

Are You a Youth Activist or Artist?

We are looking for youth identifying as Chicano and/or Mexican-American, aged 12-24 interested in learning to use art as a tool for activism and self expression! Workshops will be held in Logan Heights between February and August 2024. Participation is completely free.

Interested? Sign up and tell us your interests.

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