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You must be the change

you wish to see in the world."
--Mahatma Ghandi



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Via Institute Launch Events: Global Dialogues 2009-2010

Via International Scholars

Via International Scholars are students of distinction selected from host universities to participate in a continuum of transformational learning and exchange with international leaders from integrated community development initiatives. As part of the Via Instute Launch Event, Via International Scholars will meet with transformational leaders at the Via International Global Dialoguse and participate in a series of experiential learning opportunities including workshops, community outreach, service learning immersion, online forums, and an international intergenerational network of exchange and support.

2009-2010 Scholars

  • Hannah Evans, University of San Diego
  • Breyn Hibbs, University of San Diego
  • Kelsey Johnson, University of San Diego
  • Patrick Oliveri, University of San Diego
  • Celisse Ruiz, University of San Diego
  • Ruth Soberanes, University of San Diego
  • Emily Barry, Virginia Tech University
  • Maria L. Bocanegra, Virginia Tech University
  • Laura Boutwell, Virginia Tech University
  • Brendan Brink-Halloran, Virginia Tech University
  • Deepu George, Virginia Tech University
  • Lyusyena Kirakosyan, Virginia Tech University

Scholars Program Advisors, Coordinators, and Facilitators

  • John Loggins, University of San Diego Advisor
  • Cara McMahon, University of San Diego Advisor
  • Elaine Elliott, University of San Diego Coordinator
  • Chris Nayve, University of San Diego Coordinator
  • James M. Dubinsky, Virginia Tech University Coordinator
  • Max Stephenson, Virginia Tech University Coordinator
  • Dr. Jerzy Nowak, Virginia Tech University Coordinator
  • Andy Morikawa, Via International Facilitator and Virginia Tech University Coordinator
  • Elisa Sabatini, Via International Facilitator
  • Jennifer Case, Via International Facilitator
  • Dr. Larry Emerson, Community Scholar Advisor