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" A man of humanity is one who,

seeking to establish himself, finds

a foothold for others, and who,

desiring attainment for himself,

helps others to attain."




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Via Institute

How do we organize ourselves to respond to the issues of our time?


Via International’s Institute for Community Development and Voluntourism is founded on 35 years of listening to community, experimenting, learning, and developing human capacity and social impact.


Staying close to the community and continuing to be engaged has allowed us to adapt and to continue to make adjustments along the way, which is truly the attribute of a "learning" organization. The values of trust, inclusivity, and participation have become the roots of building relationships that are committed, engaged and long-term.


While focused on community development, Via International has also reached out to engage visiting volunteers. These external visitors bring labor, resources and broader links to the community-defined work. While the community benefits and learns, these visiting “voluntourists” also transform their thinking about family, community, the world, and their own responsibility.


As this model of participatory community development grounded in human transformation and complemented with cross-cultural learning and exhange has spread in interest to other organizations, we are now responding with intiatives to serve additonal communities in new regions of the world.


Alas, the Institute for Community Development and Voluntourism has emerged to respond to this growing global demand. Opportunities for exchange and capacity-building include:



To learn more about how we can work together, contact us at 619-795-9477.