Voluntours | Trip Preparation

Service learning trips provide a great opportunity to volunteer while traveling. Cultural immersion and service activities offer valuable opportunities to interact with local communities and learn through hands-on projects.

Trip Participants - You will need

All participants must submit a signed Medical Information Form and Liability Waiver, as well as proof of individual personal health insurance coverage. Registrants without paperwork signed and submitted will not be allowed to participate.

US Citizens are now required to show a valid US passport when crossing the US-Mexico border. Registrants without appropriate identification and and travel documents including passports and visas when applicable, may not be allowed to travel, cross borders, or participate in trip activities, or may even be retained at border or customs checkpoints by government authorities. Check with government agencies to determine visa and passport requirements, as well as clarify travel tariffs and taxes that may be required by government agencies when entering or leaving some countries.

Group Coordinators - You will need


To make a reservation, contact 1-619-795-9477 or info@viainternational.org

  • Review information
  • Identify preferred dates and destination/s
  • Clarify and confirm dates and destination/s by phone or email
  • Submit a signed copy of the Service Learning Trip Agreement with your DEPOSIT

    Dates and Destinations are not RESERVED until the deposit and a signed copy of the Service Learning Trip Agreement Letter have been received by our U.S. office at:

    Via International 1955 Julian Avenue San Diego, CA 92113


To Prepare your Group

  • Download Trip Support Materials and distribute to Trip Participants
  • Ensure all Trip Participants have:
    • signed & submitted Forms including Medical Information Form & Liability Waiver
    • proof of personal health insurance coverage
    • Valid passport t and visas when applicable
  • Submit Signed Medical Information Forms and Liability Waivers for every participant
  • Submit Completed Trip Roster to Via International

Reminders When Traveling

  • Be conscious and respectful of local people, places, and customs.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of fluids and wear sunscreen, hats, and long-sleeves.
  • In many circumstances, it may be considered inappropriate or even offensive for visitors to take photos. Be considerate and if taking photos of local residents and their families, homes, or belongings. Be sure to ask permission.
  • All group participants are required to obey local and national laws and cooperate with VolunTour staff and personnel. Trip Participants who are not able or willing to obey local and national law will not be allowed to continue to participate and may be sent home at their own expense.
  • Stay together. Do not leave the program or premises without letting your trip coordinator/s know where you are going. Always take a buddy.
  • If and when booking van rentals in the US for New Mexico travel, please make sure insurance coverqage allows for travel in additional states in the Four Corners region including Arizona, Colorado, or Utah. Also, it is highly recommended that all rentals include coverage for repair or replacement of flat tires.
  • To cross the US/Mexico border, a valid and current passport is now required of all U.S. citizens.

"This experience will change your lifeā€¦ if you let it. It is an amazing opportunity, but it is up to you to take advantage of it and be an active/engaged participant. You will only get out what you put in.
When you put in 100%, by giving your whole self and being present in
mind, body, and spirit, then you may even get more than you expected!

University student volunteer