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Documentary Film - Money and Life is a documentary film on the nature of money and our relationship to it. The film explores the shadow money has cast upon our lives and points us to the opportunities and potential to transform our relationship with money in this time where it has become evident that our ideology of money as the source of freedom and happiness has failed. There is a growing sense that healing our relationship with money is an integral aspect of healing our relationship with ourselves, with one another, and with the planet. In other words, an integral component of the global awakening to oneness that is the hallmark of this time.


Interviews include:

  • Dr. A. T. Ariyaratne
  • Orland Bishop
  • John Bloom
  • Ellen Brown
  • Charles Eisenstein
  • Riane Eisler
  • Thomas Greco
  • Roshi Joan Halifax
  • Sarah Hearn
  • Hazel Henderson
  • Aaron Kipnis
  • David Korten
  • Bernard Lietaer
  • Rabbi Stephen Leder
  • Jacob Needleman
  • Vicki Robin
  • Elisabet Sahtouris
  • Vandana Shiva
  • Br. David Stendhal-Rast
  • Woody Tasch
  • Jamie Traeger-Muney
  • Lynne Twist
  • and more...


Money and Life aspires to be a part of bringing a new consciousness to our understanding and practices in the world of money through a film that will be part-investigative journalism, part-cinematic essay, serious and light-hearted, intimate and inspiring. We hope that it will not only inform you but more importantly open your heart, expand your mind, and help us collectively realize our greatest capacity as human beings. View the trailer. or contact us at 619-795-9477 to book a speaking engagement or workshop with filmaker Katie Teague.


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KATIE TEAGUE, Creator/Director/Editor

Katie has been exploring documentary style video production since her days in graduate school studying depth psychology. Following a lifetime call to awaken truth and bring healing to the world, she recently took an immersion course in digital filmmaking at San Francisco State University to give her the skills to integrate her creativity with this call. In school she received recognition from the Bay Area Women in Film & Television for her narrative work. Money and Life is her debut feature length documentary.