A Border Encounter / Un Encuentro Fronterizo
A two-day journey in San Diego/Tijuana, February 9-11th, 2020
  • Explore the thriving art, cultural, culinary and political scenes on both sides of the US/Mexico border

  • Meet activists and bear witness to the unfolding human rights crisis in San Diego/Tijuana

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the immigration debate and what can be done


The experience will include a multi-day encounter/workshop centered in the burgeoning barrio arts center Bread and Salt, with immigration rights activists, opinion leaders, faith leaders, artists and others. Local hosts and speakers will join us from Via International, Alliance San Diego, San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium, Bread and Salt, Chicano Park and other partner organizations from the California/Baja California border region. Dialogues with members of the immigrant/migrating communities who are caught in the dysfunctional immigration regimes on both sides of the US/Mexico border. Meet the families, the service providers and advocates who are working to change the system.

In this era of walls, we will safely cross over to visit Tijuana’s border arts and culinary scenes as well as visit migrant shelters and immigrant communities. We will make new friends and deepen our understandings and connections. Interpreters will be provided.


Please mail your check of $1000 to:

Via International
1955 Julian Avenue

San Diego, CA 92113


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