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I thought the entire experience was incredible, moving, and
perspective changing. Mexicali was wonderful. Thank you so much."

College Student, Loyola University


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Voluntour | Mexico

Mexicali, Mexico
Mexicali, two hours east of Tijuana, is is desert city just south of the US town of Calexico,California. Mexicali is the home of a thriving beehive cooperative created by local women promotoras to support self-sufficiency for their families. Groups visiting Mexicali visit the bee cooperative, contribute to the efforts of micro-credit-financed enterprises, work in area schools creating green spaces for play and recreation, and work at a local cactus farm. To learn more

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Tecate, Mexico
While in the Tecate area, volunteers will be immersed in the life of a rural Mexican pueblo, sharing meals provided by local families and working with community members to build school infrastructure. The village community of El Hongo is also working to restore its environment through land restoration projects with the help of visiting service groups. To learn more

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Tijuana, Mexico
While events in the past year have made traveling to Tijuana more intimidating than in the past, we have resumed our long-standing and successful service learning program in Tijuana. Groups traveling to Tijuana work in local schools with students, parents, and teachers, visit with migrants at a local shelter, and explore the trans-border culture of Tijuana through a variety of immersion activities.

To learn more

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"The Mexican people we worked with were so generous, loving, and graciously let us into their lives. I left feeling like each individual had left a mark on me.
We all became very close and we all encouraged each other to grow,
think, and do our best." Voluntourist

Mexicali Green Area Project


Mexicali Green Area Project