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Sri Lanka

Peacemaking Through Community Engagement


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    • Discover the political, religious, and cultural constructions of community and develop a global lens for comparison

    • Learn effective leadership approaches for creating mindful social movements to mobilize community change

    • Analyze the community and spiritual aspects of social movement in order to identify areas of support and challenge
    • Understand how leadership is exercised within Sarvodaya in alignment with Gandhian and Buddhist thought 

    • Participate in community-defined service projects supporting education facilities and health centers
    You will be observing and actively listening to our community partners throughout your time in Sri Lanka. Engaging in this manner, creates a dialog across learning communities that improves self-awareness, an understanding of ethical leadership, and mindful action. Experience and exploring mindfulness activities helps to develop a global perspective on social movements as they relate to peace-building and development. You will engage in mindful discovery, participation, and reflection around the community leadership model of Sarvodaya. Many of you who seek to become life-long learners will have an opportunity to have a new world view, a new perspective of our human family.