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San Diego Border

Community Revitalization and Immigration on the U.S./Mexico Border


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San Diego is home to the most militarized, technologically advanced, and highly trafficked border in the entire world. 

This rich trans-border culture, influenced by its proximity to the U.S./Mexico border, continues to develop a unique Chicano population and identity making up over one third of the city's populace. This diverse cultural group has been underrepresented politically. Through community-driven resilience it has survived and thrived. How can a group that has not only been underrepresented, but misunderstood, gain respect in light of the media’s outlook on issues involving immigration? How is a city so close to Mexico affected on a daily basis by legal and illegal immigration?

This program will explore the impact of living only 15 miles from the U.S./Mexico Border and the challenges faced by families, local farmers, businesses, and the large Chicano community. 
Participate in community driven initiatives and live the realities by combating the stereotypes immigration has been given right here in one of the most important areas involving this issue. Meet the Amigos Car Club, a grassroots organization that has curbed gang-violence in urban areas, bring water to immigrants crossing the border with the founder of Border Angels, Enrique Morones and travel from Otay to the Pacific Ocean to join the border patrol on a tour between the fence and the wall, highlighting the extreme differences between life on two sides of a wall.