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New Mexico

Spanish, Native, and Anglo Lessons in Food Security


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  • Discover the principles of sustainable and responsible living in a resilient, tri-cultural community
  • Learn what it means to be in right relation and to live in harmony, balance and beauty

  • Engage with simplicity by changing pace and slowing down to reawaken the senses

  • Reconnect with ourselves, each other, and the earth while renewing body, mind, and spirit 

  • Understand the responsibility of place and strengthen the value of ALL our relations

Educator Immersion
Teaching and Learning in a Multicultural World
  • Support personal and professional growth while nurturing cultural understanding

  • Prepare future teachers to effectively serve increasingly diverse student populations

  • Tour cutting-edge educational programs providing opportunities to work with students, meet with educators, and visit schools in largely hispanic and indigenous communities

  • Hear first-hand experiences, needs, and recommendations from community members

  • Meet with leading regional educators to explore and exchange innovations in learning

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