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Costa Rica

Ecological Awareness and Sustainable Agriculture


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  • Discover the historical, political, and religious constructions of community within Costa Rica and develop a global lens for comparison to other Central American countries.

  • Learn the issues surrounding agriculture, international vs. locally owned farming and explore the roots of the environmental movement in Costa Rica

  • Analyze the development of large scale monoculture farming and its effects on environmental health, human health and society

  • Learn about the local response to the negative impacts of monoculture through a shift toward permaculture, agro-forestry and sustainable agricultural practices

  • Understand how leadership is demonstrated, honored and respected at the community level, through community-based programs

  • Participate in community-defined service projects supporting agroforestry and local community agriculture

You will be observing and actively listening to our community partners throughout your time in Costa Rica. Their ingenuity and many years of experience contain stories you will learn from and remember. A program of life-long learning, you may come away with a new world view and a new perspective of the complexity that is Costa Rica and its quest to be a leader in sustainability.