Ecological Awareness and Sustainable Agriculture

Dates: January 5th - 13th, 2019

Program Fee: $2000 per person
This program fee covers all in country ground transportation, 2 meals-a-day, lodging at quality hotels, tour guide, park entrance fees, and community development support. Please note that this fee does not include flights to and from Costa Rica.


As part of our global strategy to expand volunteer travel locations Via International is piloting a special 8-day trip to Costa Rica.

Space is limited to 18 participants and available to all board members and their family and friends. Together, we will develop the network of community resources needed to open Costa Rica as a new location for Via International volunteers.


The primary purpose of this pilot trip is to create a robust itinerary focused on ecological awareness and sustainable agriculture. We are still exploring our options and working with a new in country coordinator, however our plan is to build on what and who we know. We will arrive and depart from San Jose International Airport. Earth University, our potential primary partner, will provide regional support, education, and orientation to Costa Rica and the challenges of sustainable agriculture. Additional activities may include visits to food forests, botanical gardens, mural painting, tree planting, beach cleanups, permaculture research, and indigenous community support. We will, of course, travel to amazing beaches and take full advantage of Costa Rica’s extraordinary biodiversity!