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Costa Rica

Ecological Awareness and Sustainable Agriculture


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As part of our global strategy to expand volunteer travel locations, Via International is excited to open an 8-day travel program in Costa Rica. Via’s Costa Rica travel program is a collaborative learning platform that offers students the opportunity for the exchange of knowledge at small-scale farming cooperatives in a familial setting. By participating in ongoing development projects focused on improving the quality of life in rural communities, students gain an increased ecological awareness around nutrition, family health, and sustainable ecology. Costa Rica provides one of the most biodiverse topological landscapes for community-based travel and the richness of people, culture, and natural landscape is unparalleled.

Participating in this adventure, you will be able to increase your own ecological awareness by learning through what Via calls sustainable literacy - a unique hands-on approach to development and agricultural learning from small-scale farming cooperatives.

What can you learn from the Costa Rican food forests?

Your adventure will begin in the Costa Rican capital of San Jose and will quickly move southeast towards the Pacific Ocean and coastal area of Limon, known for its gorgeous beaches, laid-back atmosphere and Caribbean inspired cuisine.  Along the way, students will visit various small scale farming cooperatives, staying to work and experience life on a Costa Rican farm, learning about the agroforestry movement, and sustainable tropical crop management and experience some of the sustainable tourism activities Costa Rica is known for.  This may include river rafting, zip lining or boating with endangered pacific turtles! A visit to the rainforest and lots of animal sightings are guaranteed!

“I believe that we can be successful if we balance our need for economic benefit with the needs of the environment.”

  - José A. Zaglul, Founder of EARTH University