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Mexico City

Globalization Through the Three Faces of Mexico


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Mexico is a magic land rich in culture, with 68 indigenous languages, a mythic history about the arrival and influence of the Spanish, and a modern overlay of industrialization, technology, and globalization. With 25 million people, how can urban Mexico City attend to the exponential arrival of rural people and serve their needs for water and food? How are the outlying areas of Mexico dealing with these same issues of migration? What about the Indigenous peoples?

Participating in this journey, you will be able to experience the three faces of Mexico: Indigenous, Spanish and Modern. You will deeply engage with communities that are developing their own strategies to address the global human issues of water and food security. 

Depending on the length of your experience, you will visit Teotihuacan (with the Pyramid of the Sun, one of the largest in the world) and/or Technoctitlan, (the foundation for Mexico City). You will also visit the murals of Diego Rivera, a testimonial to the emerging class struggles after Mexican Independence. Traveling on to Queretaro you will see the aqueduct, designed in 1723, that is mostly still intact. Nearby you will learn about the Indigenous people who have some of the most elaborate community art in all of Mexico. Click here to watch