Via International is thrilled you've decided to join us and participate in our new program! 

Working with our host organization SHARE Tours, we are able to offer you a fully paid and complimentary trip to Guatemala in exchange for organizing a trip for at least 10 of your friends, family, and/or coworkers. Via International Voluntourism Travel to Guatemala includes: all in-country transportation, lodging, 3 meals-a-day, coordination of community service initiatives, and unique access to local arts, culture, and adventure activities. Please note that Via does not coordinate airfare and this is not included in the program - the good news is that flights to Guatemala are usually quite affordable.

Organizing Your FREE Trip is an Easy 3 Step Process
1. Select your planned travel dates
The first question is always, how much does this cost? This is an important and upfront question and we want to provide a clear and transparent answer.  Pricing always depends on how long you want to travel. Typically, Spring Break Programs are 8 days long, however we are happy to organize a shorter 5 day trip or a 2 week trip or longer. The point is that designing the length of your visit is totally up to you. We can adjust these dates at a later time, but need to begin with some basic idea. Please complete the simple form below to select your travel dates, and we will get a quote back to you for the participant price of the trip.

2. Find your friends
You're probably saying, wait I thought this was FREE? Yes. Fair question. This offer is very simple and is made to you, the organizer. In exchange for you playing the role of travel agent and recruiting at least 10 of your friends to join you, Via will provide you with one complimentary trip to Guatemala. Just as a reminder, as mentioned above, this offer is for the in-country trip expenses and does not include airfare. Once, you've submitted your travel dates and received a quote, you'll be able to begin finding your friends!

3. Get your itinerary and travel to Guatemala
OK, so now you've got 10 friends to join you for an epic trip to Guatemala, what's next? This is the part that we make really easy. Via will set up a portal for your trip where each person can register and pay for their trip. Once we have at least 10 people signed up, we'll send you a draft itinerary and you can work with our voluntourism specialists to select your adventure activities and confirm program details. That's it. Simple. Easy. Straightforward.

One last question - So what's the catch
Our mission at Via International is to integrate community development initiatives with education and voluntourism, helping to build leadership capacity and promote self reliance in under-served communities. Our bottom line is that we have more communities that need our help and service than volunteers to travel and support the work. In short, we need more volunteers and we need your help to bring them to these amazing places. It's simple, help us find at least 10 people who care about the global community and want to join in service for a great cause - and we'll make sure to support you by making your trip FREE.

Travel for FREE to any of our locations
This offer applies to any of our locations. If you want to go somewhere other than Guatemala, just let us know and we would be happy to make you the same FREE Trip offer. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call, Gabriel Reed, Via's Director of Education and Voluntourism at (619) 795-9477 or email