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Organizing Travel with Purpose

Via Volunteer Travel Programs offer a wide variety of volunteer travel opportunities to institutions looking for dynamic experiences for mission trips, service immersions, Alternative Spring Breaks, corporate team-building, and social justice initiatives. Volunteer service is a strategic and important extension of community outreach and we have designed our programs to offer meaningful engagement that is seamlessly integrated with development initiatives around the world. We are proud to partner with schools, churches, businesses, individuals and local partner development organizations linking unique communities to support community-defined projects that contribute to improving the quality of life. The impact of these vital service and cultural exchanges helps to raise awareness of the complex challenges faced at the community level while simultaneously providing a vehicle for transparency, support, and an influx of much needed energy!

By joining a Via Volunteer Travel Program you are helping Via International educate people to be agents of positive change in their own lives and in the lives of those in their communities.

“Our first experience working with Via International was exemplary.  The communication with the organizers was thorough and timely.  All aspects of the trip were carefully considered and taken care of with great respect to our group needs and the needs of the receiving community.  Our students walked away with a heightened commitment to learning about indigenous peoples, immigration and migration into the United States and a desire to educate their peers, friends and families regarding the information they learned.  We are definitely partnering with Via again and are grateful for such an educational, fun and life changing experience for all involved.” 
- MaryAnne Cappelleri, Campus Minister for Service Immersion Programs, Stonehill College

“Via International is an excellent partner in engaging students in grassroots community development. During our recent service-learning trip to Bolivia, they proved responsive to our needs and adept at working with community partners and navigating local realities. The students came away with a remarkable understanding of local issues and global interconnectedness.” 
- Karey Sabol, Director of International Programs, University  of Colorado Boulder

I highly recommend Via International as a great host agency for meaningful immersion programs, both domestic and international. They are rooted in the community with years of experience and relationships, organized and offer great educational input for the participants. They have everything you need for a comprehensive experience.” 

- Andrea Goicochea, Assistant Director International Immersion Programs, Loyola University Maryland

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Via's Four Key Principles

  •  Safety in Community with Expert Local Knowledge & Supervision
  •  Long-term Relationships with Local Partners
  •  Hands-on Learning through Immersive Education
  •  Sustained Impact through Integrated Volunteer Service



Safety in Community

Safety is a priority to Via International and we focus on a combination of resources to provide safe volunteer travel experiences and community engagement. Our over 40 years of experience in the field has taught us to employ local experts engaging in community projects and cultural exchange through group activities. Our team in each location is a 'family' and when you travel with us, you become a part of it. This is possible due to the fact that Via supports programs that are responsive to locally defined needs, relying on close partnerships with local organizations and the leadership of local residents. 


Long-term Relationships


Via International's participatory development process helped to establish and in some ways define the early stages of what has now become broadly known as voluntourism. By integrating volunteer service as a strategic and appropriate extension of community outreach we offer travel experiences and service learning opportunities to meaningfully engage with development initiatives around the world. We are proud to work with a host of dynamic local partners oriented toward long-term engagement of complex socioeconomic challenges with a commitment to work toward community level solutions.

Hands-on Learning


We believe that service and cultural exchange helps to raise awareness of the complexities and interconnectivity of these unique communities while simultaneously providing a vehicle for transparency, support, and an influx of much needed energy.

Sustained Impact


When joining Via International, you become part of an extensive support network reaching an estimated 25,000 people each year in communities around the world.  We now support international development initiatives through our Integrated Volunteer Travel Programs with international volunteering opportunities in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia. In addition, we have domestic programs in San Diego, New Mexico and Appalachia. Each of these is designed to improve quality of life through nutrition and ecology training, community leadership education and/or microcredit and micro-enterprise support.

University and High School Partners

Domestic and International Locations

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