VIA NEEDS YOU now more than ever! After working for 43 years in support of community, Via is struggling to maintain vital programs that provide fundamental training for individuals combined with broader strategies for their communities to help break the cycle of poverty. Without a significant infusion of funds, we will be forced to cut community programming for thousands of individuals in 2019.

Via’s donor base is small but mighty! If each loyal Via donor who receives this letter responds to this CALL TO ACTION to DONATE $100 we can raise $100,000! This will be enough to entirely support programming that will reach 5000 people next year!

Via International does marvelous work with young people, gardening and nutrition. I have proudly contributed to them annually for many years”
- Judith, longtime donor

As a uniquely binational organization with offices in San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico, Via, with our sister organization Los Niños de Baja, responds to needs on both sides of the area that is home to one of the most highly militarized and busiest land border crossings in the world, with an extremely diverse population and full of opportunity to engage, inspire and contribute to cross-cultural understanding and compassionate action.

Whether a migrant family seeking a better life, a low-income family trying to make ends meet, or a young person trying to find their place in the world, your donation allows us to respond to diverse needs with innovative programs that increase each individual’s capacity for economic growth - we call this building paths to self-reliance.

By making a donation you are supporting nutrition for low-income kids, teaching moms to better feed their children, and providing small loans for families to start small businesses and become more economically resilient. You are also supporting Art and Leadership Programs for youth to learn to manage conflict and stress, be informed and considerate, and become active members of the community.

Your contributions continue to bolster the development of our Education and Volunteer Travel Program, providing service learning immersion that connects our youth to individuals in the community to work together, share experiences and learn from, and honor one another...something that is so desperately needed right now! One student recently summarized her experience this way…

"I have gained more life lessons than I could have ever imagined and insight into the immigration issue that I had previously known very little about....I never realized that this experience would make me appreciate the privilege I have to be an American citizen. The most powerful lesson that will always resonate with me is that human issue[s] cannot be solved with graphs, numbers, or statistics but with open-minds, listening, and love." - Juliana, Villanova University

Donors have made all of this possible and in the process, affected the lives of tens of thousands of individuals in positive and meaningful ways. One participant in our Nutrition Education and Micro-Enterprise program put it this way...

“I have seen myself open to a world of new knowledge and opportunity I never would have believed possible. I never would have imagined that my dreams could become a reality!”  ~Raquel, Micro-Credit Recipient and now Small Business Owner!

We need your support! Your $100 investment translates to on the ground programming that will directly reach more than 5000 people next year and have rippling positive impact on the broader community! 

If you love Via like we do, please

We are honored by your support!

Elisa Sabatini