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Summer 2019
Sylvia Ware, Emory University

Participant Highlight

Sylvia, a Senior at Emory University studying Music and Sociology, recently took part in Via's Educational Travel Program in the US/Mexico border region with Journeys of Reconciliation, an inter-religious immersion program that explores the root causes of conflict and builds relationships between Emory University and communities in the U.S. and around the world. 

"Before I went on this trip, I really had no idea what the process is like for immigrants in general. I gained all of this information not just from shelter leaders or immigrants themselves, but also from border patrol agents and business and community leaders on both sides. It is not a one-sided issue, and I can’t emphasize the complexity of the issues enough. Now, let’s get into the day-by-day account!"

Read Sylvia's powerful reflections about her Via experience here.



Dr. Phillip Hadley

Board Highlight Interview

"This trip gave me the opportunity to see Via’s expertise and excellence in action as both a participant and observer. Preparing and putting into action a two week travel itinerary for such a large group is a daunting task, one that Elisa and the staff accomplished with great success. I was proud to be a member of Via’s team and to feel and observe the wonderful impact the tour had on an exceptional group of educators. The group participated with such enthusiasm and compassion. I am confident their intensive introduction to Mexican culture will have an impact on their classroom".

To read the full interview Click Here.

Spring 2019
Costa Rica

Program Highlight

As part of our global strategy to expand volunteer travel locations, Via International is excited to open an 8-day travel program in Costa Rica. Via’s Costa Rica travel program is a collaborative learning platform that offers students the opportunity for the exchange of knowledge at small-scale farming cooperatives in a familial setting. By participating in ongoing development projects focused on improving the quality of life in rural communities, students gain an increased ecological awareness around nutrition, family health, and sustainable ecology.  Costa Rica provides one of the most biodiverse topological landscapes for community-based travel and the richness of people, culture, and natural landscape is unparalleled.
To learn more about this dynamic program Click Here.

Winter 2018

DonateAnnual Appeal

President's Letter

On behalf of the entire Via & Los Niños family, I want to wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season, and thank you for supporting efforts at improving quality of life for thousands of individuals and families each year! 


Read Elisa's Holiday Letter Here...

Your support this year allowed us to continue programming that reached many thousands of individuals along the U.S.-Mexico border and in partner communities around the globe! In 2018, together we achieved the following:

Providing people with the tools to better their own lives, through education, leadership development, food security and economic stability continues to be Via's mission ~ building paths to self-reliance for individuals and communities!

Whether you are a student who has participated in our volunteer travel program, a local mentor who has shared your wisdom with our program participants, or a donor who has helped to fund vital community programs, we are proud to have you as part of the Via family.

With Gratitude and Blessings to you all!   

President, Via International


Fall 2018


Meet Elizabeth, Micro-credit Recipient

We first met Elizabeth in Tijuana in 2011...a young mom with a basic education and a great recipe for delicious salsa that her friends had raved about for years! When she learned of the opportunity to get a small loan through Via’s Micro-Credit program to launch her business idea and improve her family’s economic stability, she jumped at the chance!

Via's Micro-Credit program has put Elizabeth's family on a path of entrepreneurship that started with only a $250 loan!  
Read her story here...

Summer 2018

Central Mexico

Program Highlight

Via’s Central Mexico program provides affordable travel to Mexico City, and surrounding areas. Mexico City is without a doubt, one of the great cities of the world! It’s unique blend of cultures rivals London, Paris, Moscow and Tokyo, to name just a few. Travelers to the region will experience the indigenous roots of Tenochtitlan as well as the powerful Spanish colonial influence that continues to shape the modern face of Mexico.  While in Mexico City, participants will experience the archeological site at Teotihuacan, the Frida Kahlo House, the Zócalo, and the Anthropology Museum. Further exploration of the region includes visits to nearby cities including the historic center of Queretaro (the safest and fastest growing city in the Americas), and the rural community of Mineral de Pozos in the State of Guanajuato, where participants will take part in local community service projects. Access to community-led revitalization projects provide a great framework to meet local people and discover what makes the spirit of Mexico vibrant, resilient and like no other place on earth! Oh, and did we mention the delicious food?

Want to experience the real Mexico? Join us...


Spring 2018
San Diego Summer of Service
Program Highlight 

Want to have fun while giving back to the community? Need to fulfill a service hour requirement but don't know where to begin? If so, then Via’s Summer Service in San Diego is for you! We combine the best of San Diego with educational and service activities to offer students a bit of summer fun while also making a difference! Participants will have access to environmental projects at local beaches, protected areas and farms, in Balboa Park and at the San Diego Zoo, and have an opportunity to volunteer with local veterans organizations, with at-risk youth, and local cultural organizations. Beach bonfires, hiking local trails, horseback riding and movies under the stars also included!

Sound interesting?  
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Winter 2018

Marion McLaughlin

A Legacy of Love and Community

Marion McLaughlin, a long-time Via International and Los Niños de Baja volunteer, recently passed away. We wanted to take a moment to show our love, reflect on Marion’s impact and honor her many years of dedicated service to the people and places along the U.S.-Mexico border. Join us in remembering this wonderful woman.

Click here to to watch the video and read the full issue of our February newsletter featuring: A Legacy of Love and Community