Third grade students working with Via Volunteers on a Mayan School Infrastructure Project- Patio Bolas, Guatemala 2013 


"If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. If you teach a man to learn, you feed him for a lifetime and he doesn't have to only eat fish." - Modern Chinese Proverb

At Via we believe when people thrive, community thrives.  Our community engagement programming is aimed at building capacity within the individual, to create change that is long-term and sustainable, to better their own lives and have positive effects on the broader community.

By making a donation, you become part of an extensive network of inspired individuals: countless volunteers and grassroots partner organizations that together, undertake programing that reaches an estimated 25,000 people each year in communities around the globe.   


Through Your Support in 2015/2016

  • 1,400 children and 67 teachers received environmental education
  • 475 women and children received nutrition education
  • 5 community gardens were planted
  • 5,899 school lunches were served

  • 513 micro-loans worth $225,000 were distributed to low-income women
  • 1420 volunteers participated in community development initiatives around the globe representing more than
    11,000 volunteer hours


   Via Community Fund


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