The humanitarian crisis at the US/Mexico border is REAL and URGENT… and Via International stands ready to respond!

Imagine living on the streets in an unfamiliar city, not knowing where you will end up, or how you will survive. Now imagine you have your children with you, and you are trying to maintain a sense of hope that this life will somehow be better, safer, and happier than the one you left...  

This is the reality for thousands of families at our border. Right now over 10,000 people wait in Tijuana for an initial asylum hearing with US officials, and thousands of deportees (including those who have served in our US military) have also been left there, even if not originally from Tijuana.  Some are lucky enough to wait in shelters, many wait in the streets.


The time has come to Love Thy Neighbor

Via International has joined a coalition of non-profits and faith-based organizations to establish Via Migrante, a program to fill the social-service gaps that exist on the ground in Tijuana. This program will provide case-management to help migrants deal with trauma, secure permanent residence and work eligibility in Mexico, find permanent housing, and access financial resources and other community integration programs. 

Without sufficient support, many migrants will remain stuck in a cycle of homelessness or despair, or be drawn into the drug trade, sex trafficking or child labor. Our entire border region will suffer if we fail to integrate these new neighbors into our communities.

Your donation will give migrants hope.

Every dollar will create paths to self-reliance, which is our expertise here at Via International. Every dollar will save many more dollars down the line.  Every dollar will save lives.