Community Engagement

Arts and Culture
Archiving the History of Logan Heights

In partnership with University of San Diego, Via International has begun to archive the history of Logan Heights, providing self determination through documentation.
  • A Collaborative Project that Documents and Archives the History of Logan Heights with both past and present residents with an eye towards empowering the residents of Logan Heights.
  • The project acknowledges the contemporary relevance of this history on the current struggles being faced by the community and seeks strategies for change.
  • The goal is to work with schools, the library, community organizations, businesses, churches and residents (young and old) within Logan Heights to both collect materials and to do outreach.
  • We will also work on reconstructing the history of past organizations and businesses that may no longer be in existence or active.
  • We integrate the various expressions of the Arts, Culture, and Humanities from Logan Heights as another vehicle for empowering the residents of Logan Heights. The focus is on current, living, evolving and historical expressions.
  • We collectively strategize on how best to integrate college students and other supporters from outside of Logan Heights in ways that will best serve to advance the collective vision of this collective project.