One last goodbye from 5th graders after a green area restoration project - Mexicali, Baja Mexico  
Via International builds bridges between people along and across the US-Mexico border.


  • By supporting community innovation we help create pathways to self-reliance for the peoples of the Borderlands, Mexico and Central America.

  • By leading travel with purpose we create pathways to transformation for goodwill ambassadors from the United States.

WE HAVE LED HUNDREDS OF GROUPS on immersive learning trips to San Diego, Tijuana and Mexicali, Mexico City, Guatemala, Costa Rica and other locations.
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Via International provides paths to self-reliance for an interdependent worldWe integrate community development initiatives with education and voluntourism to build leadership and self-reliance in under-served communities.



We believe when people thrive, community thrives. We believe that human potential is enhanced through self-reliant activities that promote community development, food security, social justice, and human dignity. We believe that linking the resources and knowledge of students with the wisdom and ingenuity of the community creates a cultural exchange capable of raising awareness across the socioeconomic spectrum. We believe the reciprocal impact of these experiences results in lifelong transformation and value creation at all community levels.